About Scavengers

This is a project I’ve put a lot of time in, but had terrible results for myself.
I want to keep this item in my portfolio, because I am very proud what the rest of the team has created.

Despite it being a failure for me, it’s also the project I’ve learned the most from.

I have been given permission to showcase the character rig I’ve worked on during production (this rig was sparingly used for the short in pre-production, another rig was made later on that was more stable). I’ve also helped out as Technical Support.

This webpage will be updated in the future while production is ongoing; eventually showcasing the end result.


Robbert-Jan van Ommeren (Rigging)
Stijn Konijn (Retopoligizing)
Melroy Smid (Texturing)
Patrick Blankenzee (Sculpting)