About Mousse de la Stache

A 3D short film made during my 2nd year at the HKU. This was a group effort, our class was divided into two teams and we created 2 films, this was the main film I worked on but I’ve also helped my other classmates with rigging their film’s character.

I was responsible for rigging the antagonist and protagonist. I’ve modeled the protagonist myself and finished the modeling of the antagonist his face.

I’ve had an amazing time rigging the protagonist, especially the eyes needed to make a lot of weird transformations which was fun to create.


Bobby de Groot (Guidance)
Egbert de Groot (Guidance)
Rene van Zon (Lighting, Shading)
Erik Vos (Director)
Elyse de Waard (Producer)
Madelon Wulms (Modeling, Texturing)
Mike van Geene (Modeling, Animating)
Robbert-Jan van Ommeren (Pipeline, Modeling, Rigging)
Tom Smeehuijzen (Modeling, Rigging, Animating)
FROBO (Composer)

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