Windows build – 26 April



Source code


Video demo (right click, to download)


The following are tweaks I’d like to make to the game if I can find the time & motivation to do so
– SFX from scratch (right now they were downloaded and remixed)
– Camera shake on impact
– Unlock a new weapon after finding a certain amount of crystals
– Have tutorial prompts that explain movement
– More menu settings
– Improve animations
– Add more levels, and objectives
– Custom cursor

 About Treamers

An indie game prototype realized during my 2nd module at Falmouth University.


Little Adventure Ryan (Udemy course) – Tutorials (for code), VFX Effects, Render Pipeline, UI, Level Inspiration & Coding Inspiration
FrameworkCascadeur – AI motions,
SkyBox Lab – HDRI Generation
Future Tools (.ai) – Hub for AI tools
Github Copilot – Coding assistance
Stackoverflow – Debugging
ChatGPT – Brainstorming & sometimes debugging & grammar checks
Audio (some sound effects) – Mastiph Media
Audio (some sound effects) – Pixabay
Dissolve Effect –
Music – Generated by AIVA

Tutorials used