About Dream Droplets

Dream Droplets is a virtual reality short film by Nick Rutten.
During production of the film I’ve had the opportunity to rig the main character of the film.
Teasers of the film can be seen on this webpage; if you want to see the full film you can subscribe to Nick Rutten’s mailing list for festival features on this webpage.


The tendrils of her dampened hair drip a comforting sound as her mind wanders elsewhere. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the imaginary world of Dream Droplets, hidden to the conscious mind. Travel alongside young adult Kim in this confronting dream-like fantasy, where grass grows as tall as trees and magical raindrops turn into bursting threads. Bathe in Kim’s escapist daydream and experience how her troubled subconscious clouds her mind. Take the form of a water droplet, and drift along with the poetic current of her dreamy tale.

Director statement

While the immersion of animated VR is getting more and more tempting, we should be careful not to lose grounding with our daily lives. The immersive quality of daydreaming, just like animation, game, and VR, is often most temping while the avoidance of reality’s sharp edges could our subconscious. Confront this temptation by joining Kim’s escapist daydream


Nick Rutten (Director/Animator/Generalist)
Dirk Lemmers (Animator)
Vincent Guilliano Wongsodjiwo (Animation help)
WanQing Wang (Character design)
Robbert-Jan van Ommeren (Character rigging)
Auris Media (Audio)